Sivasithan’s Way of Living

  • Sivasithan has made #SivasithanArtofRedskyUniverse learners live a simplistic natural life.
  • #Only_Sivasithan made layman differentiate maya and reality.
  • #Only_Sivasithan teaches yoga for layman, without any terminologies.
  • Women learners of #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe do not apply makeup.
  • #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe learners take shower twice a day in normal cold water.
  • #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe learners eat food on time as given by Sivasithan
  • By following #lifestyle guidelines given by Sivasitan, #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe learners excrete feces more than twice a day!
  • #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe learners get up at 3’O clock in the morning.
  • #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe learners enjoy deep peaceful sleep!
  • Many #Sivasithan_Artof_Redsky_Universe lost weight by following Sivasithan’s rules and properly excreting feces

On becoming a Vegetarian & being with Nature

My experience of Overcoming ‪#‎barriers‬ to become ‪#‎vegetarian‬ ‪#‎diet‬ ‪#‎nonvegetarian‬ ‪#‎notojunkfoods‬ Change is never easy, be it within (with each person) or with out (with outside world). Thoughts of becoming a vegetarian never crossed my mind as a child, as I have been used to eating non-vegetarian food once a …

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