Sivasithan’s Quotes

1. One’s ability to understand the complexity of life is through keen observation, active listening and openness to change. Vaasithega practitioners are able to implement these qualities hence able to cherish life as it is.

2. One can always be sure that they will be wrong when they are angry better resort at that time is to listen, ponder or remain silent. Through regular practice of vaasithega one gain control over their emotions.

3. A true listening means to leave one’s judgment aside and be able to stand in others shoe see what they see, feel what they feel and understand what they experience. Vaasithega helps one to be considerate about others view hence vaasithega practitioners develop this art of listening.

4. Patience will always leads one towards personal growth. This virtuous quality is acquired through vaasithega.

5. Openness to new ideas enriches one’s mind with different perspective and be able to see and enjoy world like a child. This flexibility is developed through vaasithega.


1)    Being truthful is helping everyone grow along with you.

2)    Being truthful in speech means to speak about experience/view/statement as it is, without any exaggeration, understatement, flattery etc.

3)    Being truthful is to openly acknowledge one’s limitation eternal wisdom and share your opinions as one’s point of view, without any intent to influence others.

4)    Being truthful means one has to be non-judgemental with their fellow beings,  hence not try to trying to judge or evaluate other’s capacity.

5)    Being truthful means to gain satisfaction in the process of your work and not for results aimed at gaining credits form others.

6)    Being truthful is to acknowledge the limitation of human reasoning to understand the creator.



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