Sivasithan’s Thiru Naamam

To facilitate vaasithega practitioners experience their soul, to experience eternal wisdom and to experience the god within themselves Thiru Naamam has been given by Sivaguru Sivasithan. One has to pronounce the Thiru Naamam within themselves without other person being able to hear. Each person’s experience after pronouncing this Thiru Naamam is unique. One can compare their experience of reciting other mantram with that of Sivasithan’s Thiru Naamam. One can even compare the experience of telling Thiru Naamam before and after doing vaasithega exercise. Each experience is unique for each individual.

Sivasithan’s Thiru Naamam:

Om SivaSiva Sivaguru Om

Om SivaSiva Sivasithan Om

Om Sivaya Sivasithan Om

Above Thiru Naamam has to be pronounced 10 times each (line) in total 30. Thiru Naamam can be used anywhere, anytime. When one tells Thiru Naamam wholeheartedly accepting Sivaguru and without any expectation it will lead them to the path of growth.

“When one spells Sivaisthan’s Thiru Naamam wholeheartedly, they have experienced openness and flexibility in thinking often   expressing this  through their creative poetic skills and they start writing  for Sivasithan as a act of gratitude, and for next generations’ welfare and with the intent to give others the great experience of holistic well-being”

                                                                                                               _ Vaasi Yoga Practitioner


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