Sivasithan’s Vaasithega: Life style changes

1.Those who are used to get up at around 6 AM, have now begun to get up earlier. Gradually it has gone up from 6.00 AM to 5.30 then to 5.00, then 4.30 and 4.00. Finally it is stable at 3.30 AM. All such positive change is because of activation of vaasi through Vaasithega practice. A sense of freshness prolongs all day.

2.. Vaasithega practitioners have to drink 1 litre 200 ml of water before mouth wash, this helps in disposing all the wastes and excrement freely. We could feel the purity of our inner organs. Thus a life without medicine is quite possible.

3.There is a scheduled timing to eat the food stuffs and food timings, the thought of taking unwanted miscellaneous food is rooted out.

4.One naturally tends to develop patience and responsibility and it makes for voluntary self-introspection. Keeping a journal to keep record of your reflection is very important to understand the changes you are going through the body.

5.We can realize that we are solely accountable for all our inconvenience and sufferings that occur because of our own wrong deeds or thoughts. Hence, be able to change those actions/thoughts. It is important to share such thoughts with Sivaguru, so that he would be able to counsel you.

6.As we spell wholeheartedly Sivaguru Sivasithan’s Thiru Nammam (which means different names of guru), we can experience the divine vibrations like the swaying of a cobra, in our body.

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