Sivaguru Sivasithan selects vaasithega practitioners who have completed one year of vaasithega practice and whose impurities have been removed. This is to ensure that they would be capable of handling the new experience that they would occur during meditation. ‘Mudra’ means symbols, those who are selected for meditation are asked to keep their hand in particular symbol as directed by Sivaguru Sivasithan. Meanwhile, Sivaguru draws various symbols on the lingam using Sandalwood Paste, Kumkum and Vibhuti. After an hour of meditation vaasithega practitioners share their experiences in body which is in sync with the art Sivaguru have made on the lingam. Mudra, mediation happens on every Thursday evening for the selected vaasithega practitioners. Only Sivaguru Sivasithan can help one understand true human potential and only on Sivaguru’s words the energies get activated in one’s thega.

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