Wheezing trouble – Gone with the wind

I had ‪#‎wheezing‬ trouble from May 2012 till I joined Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre March 2014. In 2012 I started with allopathy treatment, but I found that it gave only symptomatic relief, so I moved to homeopathy treatment (1.5 years). However, I had difficulty in breathing while climbing stairs and lost sleep at night due to obstructions in breathing. I observed that wheezing was not only due to climatic change and dust, but also linked to stress.

I realized all the treatment methods are one dimensional so it cannot completely cure me from this problem. Also, I believed that if human have the capacity to reproduce themself, they should able to heal themselves. All my search ended when I got to know about Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre. I strongly believed in their holistic approach, I was right.

How can tablets help one to cure from wheezing when they just allow the mucus to stay inside the body? Sivaguru Sivasithan clearly mentioned there is nothing called disease,one just need to take out wastes. Vaasi yoga helped to remove different types of mucus from different parts of the body. Imagine, to remove stains from cloth, one have to use different methods for different type of stains. Similarly, vaasi yoga uses different approaches to clear wastes. Now, I don’t have breathing difficulty and can sleep peacefully.

This art of Vaasithega has seven different approaches to help human attain their highest potential by experiencing nature e.g. pronouncing thirunaamam helps to maintain positive thoughts. Hence, this art is holistic and rightly called as nature’s own art of healing.

Sri Vaishnavi Kannan

Vilam No: 1403101

சிவசித்தனின் தனியுலக செயல்கள் 7

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