On becoming a Vegetarian & being with Nature

My experience of Overcoming ‪#‎barriers‬ to become ‪#‎vegetarian‬
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Change is never easy, be it within (with each person) or with out (with outside world). Thoughts of becoming a vegetarian never crossed my mind as a child, as I have been used to eating non-vegetarian food once a week from childhood. I was fed with the thought that non-vegetarian makes one healthy and stronger. In 2000, my dad who was fond of non vegetarian food stopped eating non vegetarian food, after keenly observing and being deeply impacted by the happening in a mutton stall. When my dad started loosing weight, me and my family members were pushing him to eat non vegetarian food. However he was persistent in having only vegetarian foods.

When I was in 12th standard, I stopped eating non-vegetarian food for a year as I felt heaviness of the food will make me lazy. Due to my personal craving, and the thoughts that having non-vegetarian food is healthy and being lean is unhealthy, I started again with non-vegetarian foods.

On becoming a counselor, I was motivated to think more about caring for living beings. More information (on videos and articles) about how animals are being exploited for human use, instigated me toset my first goal to stop eating non-vegetarian atleast for 6 months. I was able to deal with my craving and social pressure (especially because I was staying away from family). During this time I understood that my attachment with food reduced, self-control increased, I felt light after having vegetarian food and importantly I was able to shrink my expenditure.

After my deadline, I started eating non vegetarian food for two months. When I prepared myself to join Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre, I stopped eating non-vegetarian along with my mother. It was eye opening for me when I was told by Sivaguru Sivasithan that heavy food like non-vegetarian foods causes delay in digestion and produces more mucus. Production of mucus and other unwanted waste becomes root cause of many health concerns. I realized I was killing myself not only animals by eating non vegetarian food. This change in thought that non vegetarian is having toll on my health and being lean means to remove mucus (Being chubby – just means that I am store house for mucus) from body helped me to become vegetarian permanently. Also, this change in thought was able to persist as my mother also understood the real impact of non vegetarian food on my health.

Now, I am caring for myself by having light food and caring for animals. Now its been a year that we have been following vegetarian diet! I am satisfied that I was able to implement my thoughts about caring for animals by not harming them. I am thankful to Sivaguru Sivasithan for helping me in becoming vegetarian by changing me and family member’s wrong notion about non-vegetarian foods. This is when I experienced the power of changing from within, simultaneously changing outside world. I hope this information would help fellow being with similar thoughts to stay stronger and others not to influence/pressurize/criticize people who are/becoming vegetarian.

Sri Vaishnavi Kannan

Vilvam no: 1403101

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