The main specialty of SIVASITHAN is the NAADI assessment…

Through Naadi assessment Sivaguru Sivasithan evaluates one’s body condition and understands breathing pattern. Sivaguru will also identify presence of thokkam (refer to Thokkam) in one’s body during Naadi assessment.

Sivaguru Sivasithan understands one’s body condition through Naadi assessment, which is done by touching the wrist or touching the fingers or even without touching. For men Naadi is assessed in the right hand and for women Naadi is assessed in the left hand.

During Naadi assessment Sivaguru Sivasithan feels the pain or bodily concerns as that of the person whose Naadi is assessed. Sivaguru Sivasithan will convey the concerns the person is undergoing. Many people have mentioned that even the slightest problems which they he neglected has been mentioned by Sivaguru Sivasithan.

What does Sivaguru does in Naadi assessment? Sivaguru is able to identify problems in one body by understanding the blood circulation, problems in blood circulation reflects the problems in the functioning of Sulumunai (Centre between two eyes for maintaining energy balance) or vice versa. Hence, Sivaguru understands the functioning of human body and provides each individual vaasithega exercise based on that.

One might wonder how is it possible for Sivaguru Sivasithan to understand blood circulation and energy variation in others body? Sivaguru Sivasithan truly loves and cares for every human being , he considers others life as his own life. This pure intent and the art of vaasithega from nature facilitates him to understand other human being.

Important procedure to know/to follow on Naadi assessment:

  1. Naadi assessment is done only on Tuesday, Thurday, Saturday and Sunday when breathing potential is high.
  2. A day before assessment of Naadi the person should have very light dinner (3 idilis) at 8:30 PM. Naadi assessment happens early morning in the date fixed by Sivaguru Sivasithan, hence there is about 10 hrs gap after having food and before checking Naadi.
  3. On the day of Naadi assessment,it is important to attend to Nature’s call to remove bodily waste from body and to take bath early morning before Naadi assessment. This is to ensure accurate assessment of Naadi.



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