Are lean people not ‪‎beautiful‬ and being Chubby is beautiful ?

Are lean people not ‎beautiful and being Chubby is beautiful ?

Now, when I meet people after a long time they are shocked to look at me being lean (in comparison with how they saw me last time) They took the role of concerned mother and tell me that I look very skinny (they somehow link it with being unhealthy) and seriously ask me to put on weight.
If they have asked me few years back, I might have been influenced by what they said and taken steps to gain weight(consciously/unconsciously). But now I have become rebellious to even consider their thought.
What brought the change in my attitude?
After I joined ‪‎Sivaguru ‎Sivasithan’s ‎vaasiyoga I understood being chubby just means that I have deposited ‪ ‎Phlegm all over my body. And now, lets look at what happens if the levels of Phlegm increases? Increased tiredness, losing peaceful sleep, concerns linked with Phlegm like ‎Asthma, ‪‎wheezing etc,  ‎breathlessness, ‪‎constipation and for‪ ‎women’s problems with ‪‎periods are very common. Well, I cant see any signs of health on being storehouse of Phelgm.
Sivaguru Sivasithan affirms that skinny body (where bones are wrapped by skin) is healthy. Through Sivasithan’s ‪‎vaasithega one can obtain and maintain a body devoid of all types of wastes. After practicing Vaasi yoga, I am feeling healthy, having positive thoughts and enjoying a life free from ‎fear of disease.
Now, I find it difficult to understand why people consider Chubby as beautiful,because Sivasithan’s Vaasi yoga has changed my definition beauty i.e, a light body which is devoid of waste.


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