Is he one of us? – Sivaguru Sivasithan?

I never quite fit in. I mean, never. 
It was always, me, against the rest of the world. Strange, it felt. 
Indescribable it was, back then.

My faint attempt to describe it – I was choked! Choked really heavily!
Choked by what? – The Matrix!
Choked by who? – The prisoners of the mind!

Why was I wired differently, to not conform to the Matrix? – I don’t know!
Why was my mind always wanted to be free? – Only God knows!

Determined to figure it out, 
I set course, on one of the most arduous journeys of human life –
The search for Truth.

Books, more books, lots of books, 
Uncountable hours of contemplation, 
Crazy yoga workouts, 
Equally crazy meditations, 
Breathing workshops,
Past life regressions, 
Astrologists, Palmists, Tarot cards, Psychics and what not!

All leading up to sleepless nights, 
Crying out loud, 
Trying to desperately reach out to that force, 
The force, that animates me, 
The force, that animates everything around me,
The force, that which is Love !!
Never, I paid heed to any mind’s prisoner.
Never, I yielded to any loveless being.
Never, I fancied any Gurus of religion or yoga!
Never, I did follow anyone!

And yet, here I am,
Stumbled upon Sivaguru Sivasithan, 
By Universe’s fantastically orchestrated rendezvous,
Finding myself, finally at peace! 
One with the truth!
Tears of love!
Total ease, complete surrender!
Like, back into mother’s womb!
What a journey, it is – sublime !!

Now the question remains!
Is he one of us? – Sivaguru Sivasithan?
I don’t think so!
I am beginning to think differently !!!!
Like crazily differently !! 

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