Freedom from the clutches of mind – the basis of Life.

So, who could be He? Sivaguru Sivasithan?
Shortly will I tell.

But before, speak about Fear, we must!
Fear – the ultimate Evil, the brainchild of Ignorance;
that numbs our hearts, crushes it to the core, 
Sucks our life force, renders us mute,
makes us unable: to truly love, 
to feel the true love, to be the truth, to boldly speak the truth, 
to be the brave shining souls, that we really are!
Fear – the ultimate divide, between us, and the Divinity within !!

What do we Fear? 
Ego at its best fears literally everything!
The list of fears is endless. Yet few like, 
What others think of us – The Family, Friends, Colleagues and the Society?
What if I am not up to their expectations?
Am I good enough, so I could fit in?
Will I be rejected?
Will I be left alone, to face my worst daemon (Ego)?
Will I lose, the luxury of being in mass unconsciousness?
Ignorance of Soul Freedom is bliss, why lose it?

The irony is, we create the illusion!
The illusion of, secure structure of society, family and income, 
all in our Minds!
And lounge around all day, every day, 
strangled by it, and yet
fear losing it.
Again, all in our Minds! 
I repeat, just in our Minds.

Sooner or later,
In this lifetime or in lifetimes to come,
You have to face It. The Evil!
The Evil within.
The Evil that is mind-made and therefore,
Is not external to oneself.

Freedom from the clutches of mind – the basis of Life. 
Freedom from disease – the true nature of Life.
True Knowledge – the guide for Life.
True Love – all that ever is. 
SivaSithan gifts us the above!
And, I am not afraid!
To say it out Loud!

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