Waves of unconditional Love, with devotional tears

Goodbyes have always been easy for me.
Be it to Friends, 
Be it to Schools or College, 
Be it to finest stays,
Be it to breathtaking Nature,
Be it to new places around the world.
Moving on without a tinge – 
It was natural;
All until I met Him.

Something inexplicable happened.
When even goodbyes to my single mom,
comes with such an ease at the airport,
Little did I know, that
there was one single goodbye,
that was going to shake my core up!
and open me a transcendental door up!

Little did I know, about what was coming up
when I bid Him adieu;
Who gave me His gleefully innocent smile, with mobile on His ears.
Only two steps down the stairs,
From His abode at Vilvam,
With His innocent smile gleaming fresh in my eyes; 
Unfathomable tears !!
Oh my God,
It felt like,
I have known Him for eons!
I got remembered of,
a very painful separation!
It felt like, 
the physical form that I was in was a burden!
Waves of unconditional Love, with devotional tears
rolling unstoppable from my eyes!
He was the only safe place to be!
He was the one who could Love me divinely!

Still with tears on a Public bus!
I gathered myself together.
I knew, separation is only for the Physical.
Not for the soul!
In my heart,
I surrendered myself that moment;
To Him. To Sivaguru Sivasithan.
I knew it!
His Godly Love, 
Is the only thing that is worth –
to be born for, 
to live for,
and to die for. I knew it!

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