What is food meant for?


Almost all of us do not realize that we invite disease and death quite unknowingly by the way of food.

Our entire health hinges on intake, digestion of food, excretion and the normal functioning of our vital organs. Here are the ways propounded by our guru SIVAGURU SIVASITHAN and these may surely help you in getting aware…

  1. According to the rules of SIVASITHAN, We ought to take breakfast between 8.30am and 8.51am, lunch between 1.30pm and 1.51pm and dinner between 8.30pm and 8.51pm, without any deviation, failing which will end up in constipation. Food in taken only during these timings as advised by SIVASITHAN will help the organs and glands to be ready for digestion.

  2. The food must be digestible in ideal quantity depending upon age, in medium heat. Provided we fall on easy prey to culinary taste, whims and fancies, we are doomed for ever.

  3. The remaining food stuff after every meal, however tasty and nutrient should not be utilized for next meal. Within 5 hours of preparation, the food must be consumed. Otherwise they will create some problems.

  4. We must gain complete relief in our bowel habits. Vestiges of excrement will convert the fresh food into poison. This contamination leads to malfunction of all vital organs. So we begin to suffer from heart ailment, stones in kidney, gall bladder, burning sensation in chest and gas troubles.

  5. We have to abstain from snacks, binge eating and junk food. When we become addicted to snacks around 10.30am to 11.00am, the food that we took for breakfast will stagnate undigested in the large intestine emitting poisonous gas which, if left uncared for long years will travel upwards to attack heart. Men are more vulnerable to heart attacks than women due to pot belly, constipation and liquid accumulation around waist.

  6. When we take up VAASI YOGA and abide by the regulations of SIVAGURU SIVASITHAN, we are blessed with peace of mind and perfect health. This is the sole aim behind all our activities.


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