Collections of perfections realized through Vaasithega – 01

 “One’s mind does not have the truth

Temple does not have the god

Truth is there in the body”

                                                             – Sivasithan

1. Those who are used to get up at around 6 AM, have now begun to get up earlier. Gradually it has gone up from 6.00 AM to 5.30 then to 5.00, then 4.30 and 4.00. Finally it is stable at 3.30 AM. All such positive change is because of activation of vaasi through vaasi yoga practice. A sense of freshness prolongs all day.

2.. Since vaasi yoga practitioners take 1.200 litre of watch before mouth wash, all the wastes and excrement are disposed off freely. We could feel the purity of our inner organs. Thus a life without medicine is quite possible.

3. As we adhere to the food stuffs and food timings, the thought of taking unwanted miscellaneous food is rooted out.

4. We ourselves develop patience and responsibility and it makes for voluntary self-introspection.

5. We can realize that we are solely accountable for all our inconvenience and sufferings that occur because of our own wrong deeds.

6. We grow conscious of others’ sufferings.

7. Thanks to vaasi yoga practice, positive thoughts gain prominence.

8. We can see, irrespective of education or other background, that creative things like writing verses, essays and elocution in Tamil language come to us quite spontaneously.

9. As we spell wholeheartedly Sivaguru Sivasithan’s Thiru Nammam (which means different names of guru), we can experience the divine vibrations like the swaying of a cobra, in our body.

10.By virtue of Sivaguru Sivasithar’s vaasi yoga, spiritual knowledge dawns in us.


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