Collection of perfections realized through Vaasithega – 02

1. A sense of service to others develops in us due to vaasi yoga practice.

2. When a couple practice vaasi yoga , their marital bond is strengthened.

3. By vaasi yoga practice, the tendency of expectation wanes whereas the tendency to accept both good and bad alike increases.

4. The trait of humbleness is formed automatically by doing Vaasi yoga practice.

5. Vaasi yoga makes us shower love on all around us.

6. We can overcome the apprehension of death. We will face it bravely.Many times people fear death because of suffering when affected by any disease. But when we do vaasi yoga, we will not be affected by any disease. More over we have greater understanding of breathing and bodily functions hence fear of death will go automatically.

7. We become immune to all changes in seasons and their impact.


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