Our Mission

Madurai Sivaguru Sivasithan imparts the art of Vaasi Thega to fellow beings who approaches him. This art of Vaasi Thega has been created by Sivaguru Sivasithan, who helps each human uplift themselves to live along with nature by reviving the body to natural state, where there will be no room for disease. Sivaguru says that this is the first step towards enlightenment. Sivaguru, serves as a guide to help each fellow being attain enlightenment.

Sivaguru Sivasithan, has created this are of healing, Vaasi Thega from his deep association with nature and teaches it to others. Sivaguru Sivasithar didn’t learn Vaasi Thega through books or through some one else it can be clearly understood by the way every individual being given different exercise and each individual having different experiences when they undergo this practice.

This nature’s own art of healing, Vaasi Thega, has helped to cure many diseases from fever to cancer. The impacts of Vaasi Thega not stops at just recovering from diseases extends to wellness of all aspects physical health, mental, emotional and spiritual health, hence a holistic art of healing.

This art of living in nature’s way is taught only in Shree Vilvam Yoga center, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Shree Vilvam Yoga Center is not affiliated with any religion. Its sole mission is to help fellow beings to experience holistic wellbeing by living in harmony with nature and to experience enlightenment.

 “One who is true to self has

God resides in his heart”

– Sivasithan



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