Impact of vaasi spread from individual, then to family and also their relationship other fellow beings. Following points are the experience shared by vaasi thega practitioners about how they relate to the society.

  •                 Those who do vaasi yoga regularly share their experience is able to approach fellow beings in the society with positive mind set hence be able to deal with them patiently.
  •                 Be it personal life or work, Vaasi Thega practitioner share that they are able to see their thoughts becoming a reality. At the same time they also see that their negative thoughts become an obstacle or hinderance in achieving their goal.
  •                 Vaasi yoga helps to maintain friendly relationship with neighbours and also guides them to stay away from private matters.
  •                 Vaasi Thega practitioners develop patience to deal with problem hence they try to understand the root cause and don’t involve in unnecessary arguments or dont rush to rapid conclusion. To avoid further impact of the problem, they share it with sivaguru guides them to solve the concern to maintain positive thoughts and stop negative thoughts. This gives them hope and peaceful life.
  •                 One might question why whether any personal problem and family problem individually to sivaguru sivasiththan. When we have problem we consult with friends who we trustend who are concerned about us. Similarly, is Vaasi Thega practitioners discuss their concerns with sivaguru sivasithan for some Vaasi Thegapractitioner share their during meeting when they truly believe in sivaguru their problem gets solved automatically.
  •                 When Vaasi Thega practitioner share concerns related to their body with sivaguru sivasithan. Sivaguru motivates them and feeds them only positive thoughts. Those positive thoughts gives strength to do yoga practitioner regularly even at difficult times.
  •                 Positive thoughts converts to a positive action, influences body positively and helps to build positive bond with family.

Here are couple of questions to ponder: When one doesn’t  maintain healthy body how will they be able to help others?   Once who don’t have understanding of self, how will they be able to understand others?

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