What are the impacts experienced by an individual through Sivasithan’s Art of Redsky Universe?

One who practices Sivasithan’s Art will begin to observe their bodily changes. When one sincerely does Vaasi Yoga , follow Sivasithan’s rules and guidelines about food and lifestyle truthfully, it not only removes bodily waste (which includes extra sweat and other liquid and gaseous waste) but also activates atoms that are dead, cures any disease, experience healthy human life which helps them to cherish every moment in their life.

Life Style Changes

  •                  For those who are not used to getting up early,  Sivasithan’s art helps them experience the morning bliss by getting up early to do yoga at the centre. Practice of getting up early in the morning, brings a peaceful start to the day. This peace of mind in turn reflects in how smoothly each activity in getting completed
  •                 A routine to attend to nature’s call early in the morning solve the root cause of many problem, also one tend to feel light stomach in the morning. Also, by doing Vaasi yoga exercise everyday following general rules and the one pertaining to food helps them to clear all waste from body on which in turn helps them to experience healthy body.
  •                 Most importantly every Sivasithan’s art learners are happy that are getting peaceful sleep, which was otherwise difficult before. Now, each learners of  Sivasithan’s art  are experiencing peaceful, deep sleep.
  •                Sivasithan’s art learners express that not only their body is cured of the illness which are evident but also other concerns which we might have not noticed before.
  •              Sivasithan’s art not only helps the body to heal from any disease but also helps to focus your mind. Learners express that that Sivasithan’s art removes negative thoughts and increases positive thoughts.
  •                 Sivaguru Sivasithan emphasis frequently that thoughts are responsible for actions. Sivasithan’s art learners clearly understand that thoughts and unhealthy food habits are responsible for negative health impacts.
  •                 Since Sivasithan’s art learners do not take any medication they do not suffer from and side effects of medicine.
  •               Negative impacts of the health by consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol and smoke have been well understood by Sivasithan’s art learners. Hence, they are motivated to follow Sivasithan’s art which is devoid of  all of the above.
  •                 Many people come to do Vaasi Yoga to cure themselves of illness. However, Sivaguru Sivasithan has firmly mentioned that there is nothing called disease. Disease are because of the wastes that remains in the body. Sivasithan’s art learners have realized that once wastage is removed they recover from diseases.
  •           Sivasithan’s art rules are very tough however, those who are importance to health consider this as a guidelines to be away from any disease and to enjoy holistic healthy life.
  •                 When one doesn’t follow the rules, body would show it through any health concern. So, how one can be truly truthful? How to speak truth? The consequences of hiding the truth is understood by Sivasithan’s art learners hence becomes a way of live on applying to real life. Sivaguru Sivasithan attend to every individual physical health, mental health and spiritual health. Hence, every one has to be truthful food rules practice Vaasi yoga regularly.
  •                 By understanding the human’s body potential and strengthening positive thoughts Sivasithan heals each human to realise spiritual power. Sivaguru Sivasithan say that god is in each human, Sivasithan’s art helps each person to realize it themselves.

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