The following questions and answers would give few information helpful to fellow beings who intend to join Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre.

1. From what age one can start practicing Vaasithega?

Children of those couple who practice Vaasiyoga have no age limitations & can start as early as possible.

For others, it is necessary to have completed 14 years of age & be able to do yogic practices on their own without much help. Following Vaasithega regulations and practicing yoga requires involvement of parents. Hence only parents who understand and follow vaasithega rules will be able to help their child to follow the same, otherwise it becomes difficult for the child to follow the rules.

2. What are the immediate pre-requisites for a person to come to “ Shree Vilam Yoga Centre”?

Sivaguru Sivasithan treats all fellow being equally without any distinction based on caste, religion, race or social status. Hence, every fellow being is welcome to do vaasithega. However, they have to go through the rules and guidelines laid by Sivaguru Sivasithan and agree to follow it. For example from the day of Naadi assessment, one should not take any type of drugs, medicines,avoid non-veg foods ( including eggs), alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive substances. Also fast foods, oily foods should be gradually stopped. One has to agree to all the conditions to be able to join Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre.

3. How long a person can enjoy “Ideal Health” free from diseases by practicing this Vaasithega art?

Strictly speaking for a person who is regularly adhering to all the rules and regulations and practicing this art with truthfulness to Sivaguru , he can enjoy “Ideal health’ and free from all diseases throughout his life . If he breaks the rules he will leave Vaasithega and lead a normal human life only.

4. What is sivaguru’s concept of death?

The practitioners of Vaasithega will come out of the cadaveris (deadlike) life and lead a life free of diseases and attain mukthi with death and death will be pleasant experience like removing a shirt from one’s body and merge with nature happily.

5. The art of Vaasithega belongs to which Place?

It belongs to the Cinthamani,Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

6. Is this art of Vaasithega being taught elsewhere?

Sivaguru siVaasithan’s Art of Vaasithega is taught only in Madurai, Chinthamani in “ Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre”.

7.How many stages are there in this art?

Sivasithan’s Vaasithega encompasses totally seven stages. But the stages transcending physical realities are countless.

8. Where should one practice this art?

Vaasithega has to be preferably practiced only at “Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre”. But for people from other states and other countries who come at regular interval to centre can practice it outdoors in fresh air with Sivaguru Sivasithan’s permission.

  •  How long one has to come to Shree Vilvam yoga centre to get rid of all the diseases?

According to Sivaguru there are no diseases, through the art of Vaasithega one can obtain such disease free thega. Number of days to attaining “ Ideal health” depends on sincerity of doing Vaasithega practices and the intensity of wastes in one’s body.

  •  To attain higher stages how long one should practice this art?

Minimum one year is required to get rid of physical bodily impurities accumulated due to food intake and whole life time for impurities transcending physical realities.

  •  What happens when a person leaves this art?

During the time of improving the breathing because of Vaasithega art, when the person stops to do Vaasithega practice, the unregulated breath patterns get affected and impurities start to accumulate because of not following food timings and food patterns which will leads to sufferings and becomes permanent.

  •  How many types of yogic exercises are there?

They are countless.

  •   What is the preferred time for practising this art?

Early morning hours between 4.30 AM and 6.30 AM only.

  •  On what should one concentrate while doing these yogic exercises?

One should concentrate on his/her breath.

  •   What happens when one does not concentrate during Vaasithega practice?

It takes a longer time to get rid of your sufferings. Hence do Vaasithega with concentration.

  •   Will the ‘period” for these yogic practices will be the same for everyone?

The period and yogic posture will be different, countless and individualistic.

  •   At what times should practitioners have their food?

Breakfast- 8.30 AM

Lunch- 1.30 PM

Dinner- 8.30 PM


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