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Interested in learning VaasiYoga?

Process to join Shree Vilvam Yoga Centre is as follows,

1. Kindly,  check our websites/facebook page/our notice board on 23rd of every month to know about the date to obtain admission ticket for vaasi yoga awareness meeting.
2.On that date, one can obtain their admission ticket for joining the centre between 5am to 7am and will be informed about the date for Vaasi Yoga awareness meeting.
3.On the day of the awareness meeting (usually on a sunday), every one will be oriented through the rules and guidelines that has to followed to join the centre, vaasi yoga practitioners share their experiences and have opportunity to interact with Sivaguru. If interested, they can obtain the application for joining the centre along with the Vaasi Yoga rules books. Date for submitting the application will be informed to you on the same day.
4.After obtaining the completed application on the due date, appointment for each individual for Naadi assessment will be provided (What is Naadi?)
5.On the day of Naadi assessment, each individual shall be provided exercise based on results of Naadi assessment.

After Naadi assessment, one can continue with Vaasi yoga practice individually taught to them.

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