Sivasithan CWhat is Vaasithega? Why one should learn Vaasithega? What is the specialty of Vaasithega? What is the importance of Vaasithega?

Vaasi means air. Sivasithan’s Vaasi is a true air, that shows the inner world. It  removes all wastes from both the body and mind. Breathing of  true“Pranan” can be attained only through Sivasithan’s Vaasithega. Vaasithega makes it possible to live a life without any disease, live in harmony with nature, with healthy body and mind and helps to attain enlightenment. Also, one who learns Vaasithega need not take medicines throughout his life.

What would you experience when you learn Vaasithega?

  1. One’s body will be devoid of any disease
  2. One can enjoy holistic well-being
  3. Live with positive approach to life
  4. Experience one’s soul
  5. Understand nature’s power

Vaasithega – Nature’s own art of healing 

Sivaguru sivasithan understands “Naadi” of each person and gives yoga exercise accordingly. Consequently, curing of problems in the atomic level happens, hence a healthy body paves way towards the path of enlightenment.

Understanding the impact of the food that resides in the body as waste, Sivaguru has devised rules on the kind of food to have and the time food has to be taken. All this rules have to be followed sincerely. Initially, this guideline might look very difficult, but through the practice of Vaasithega and looking at the changes one perceive it to be more easier and helpful.

About Naadi:

Sivaguru Sivasithan through his understanding of nature has devised his own strategy to identify the functioning of each person’s Naadi and gives exercise accordingly. Hence, Vaasithega exercise is different for each individual.

Vaasithega exercise: 

Vaasithega Exercise vary for each person. The number of exercise will also vary depending on each person. Each person’s experience through vaasithega is different. Only, Sivaguru Sivasithan can determines the exercise or the change of exercise for each individual.

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