Sivasithan’s History

Sivasithan DSivasithan was born at Chinnamanur (Theni District) in the year 1977, in an environment surrounded by nature’s beauty. He did his primary education at the Rotary Club School. Later, he moved to Madurai where his parents’ lived and he continued his secondary school at Palayampatti Nadar Uravinmurai A.P.T.Dorairaj Hr.Sec.School, Madurai. By the age of fourteen ,he started to think of nature’s art and started framing life style in which body is revived to its natural form by removing bodily waste and through vaasi thega practice.

Sivaguru Sivasithan was called as Saravanakannan at his younger age, later his uncle named him as Gobikannan. He did his graduation at Madurai Thiagaraajar college at Theppakulam from 1995-1998.After his college education, later he continued to work as teacher at Palayampatti Nadar Uravinmurai A.P.T.Dorairaj Hr.Sec.School.Madurai, till now his work has been appreciated and he has been held in high regards. Being a teacher, he used to take tuitions for his students, he started teaching yoga practices to those children. He made those students think about medicine-free life through Vaasi Thega practice and by being Vegetarian. This truth when seen by the parents of those students and they volunteered to learn the art of Vaasi Thega from N.Gobikannan. His computer skills has helped him to develop and maintains many website and facebook for vaasi thega, hence he ensures that right information is being given to people.

N.Gobikannan found his better half at Koodalazhagar Perumaal. He understood it intuitively from the very moment that she was the one born to marry him. He won her trust and family’s trust genuinely. In the year 2004, their marriage was held at the same Koodalazhagar Perumaal koyil(temple) in the presence of their family, relatives and his co – teachers. They are gifted with Revathi Priyaa and Badresh.

Later, he renamed himself as Sivasithan. Through Sivaguru Sivasithan’s observation he keenly noticed each individual’s behavior, speech and activities. He understood that every one behaves differently according to the situation and no one is being truthful and genuine in their relationships. No one considers being truthful as important virtue, however he was being truthful and explained to others about the importance of this. Though he distanced himself from people, he has won hearts of many people through his deeds. His learning from nature gave birth to the art of Sivasithan’s Art of Redsky Universe. Sivaguru sivasithan has dedicated his life to welfare of the fellow beings.



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